Automate Workflows for Developers based on Github Actions

Connect your favorite apps, data, and APIs, do any tasks as they occur. It's a free IFTTT/Zapier alternative for developers.

Start your workflow with a simple workflow.yml
name: Make a Request to IFTTT
runs-on: ubuntu-latest
- uses: actionsflow/ifttt-webhook-action@v1
event: notice
key: ${{ secrets.IFTTT_KEY }}
value1: ${{on.rss.outputs.title}}
value2: ${{on.rss.outputs.contentSnippet}}
value3: ${{}}
Totally Free! All you need to do is creating a Github repo.
Enjoy with Community Triggers
Run a workflow every 5 minutes!

Our Product Features

Work with Github actions

You can use almost all actions of github actions as your Actionsflow jobs to handle a complex workflow

Use Webhook to Connect with any 3rd party Service

You can easily set a webhook URL at 3rd party service, then receive the webhook event at triggers

Easy for Writing Workflow File

Actionsflow configuration format is the same as Github actions, it's really easy for you to define an Actionsflow workflow file

Let’s start automating

saves time and reduces tedium.