Webhook Syntax

Some triggers (like telegram_bot) may provide a webhook option, so you can get updates more timely.

Actionsflow provides a general webhook capability for triggers. If the trigger supports webhooks, you can set a webhook URL on the third-party platform and then the trigger will handle your webhook event.

Generally, a webhook URL will look like this:


Note: For self-hosted version, the webhook URL will look like this: http://localhost:3000/webhook/<workflow-file-name>/<trigger-name>

Note: You need to generate personal access tokens with repo scope on your Github settings and then replace <your-github-personal-token>.

If it's successful, you will get a status: 200, body: {"success":true} response.

Of course, you can use search params __response_code, __response_content_type, __response_body to specify a custom response.

You can also use headers X-Github-Authorization instead of search params __token for more security.

The webhook also supports the cross-origin resource sharing request.

Specify response code:

curl --request POST 'https://webhook.actionsflow.workers.dev/actionsflow/webhook2github/webhook/webhook?__token=<your-github-personal-token>&__response_code=200' \
--header 'Content-Type: application/json' \
--data-raw '{
"key": "value"

https://webhook.actionsflow.workers.dev/<owner>/<repo>/<workflow-file-name>/<trigger-name> is the fixed prefix for webhook URL. Most triggers will use this as their webhook URL. But if some trigger has more than one webhook path, the webhook URL may have a suffix, like https://webhook.actionsflow.workers.dev/<owner>/<repo>/<workflow-file-name>/<trigger-name>/webhook1. You should check that trigger's documentation for the webhook URL to get more information.

Webhook-enabled Triggers

Here are examples of triggers that support webhooks:

  • Webhook - Receive webhook notifications.
  • AWS SNS - Any messages published to the SNS topic you create is triggered by this trigger.
  • Google Form - Get Google Form response updates when someone submits their response.
  • Slack - Triggered when new messages are detected on a specific Slack channel.
  • Telegram Bot - Watch Telegram Bot updates.
  • Trello - Watch any action updates on Trello.
  • Typeform - Get form response updates when someone submits their response.

How It Works

We implemented the Webhook feature by using Github's repository_dispatch on the webhook2github project.

This API will forward the following original webhook request:


To https://api.github.com/repos/<owner>/<repo>/dispatches, with the body:

"event_type": "webhook",
"client_payload": {
"path": "<your-path>",
"method": "<request.method>",
"headers": "<request.headers>",
"body": "<request body>"

This way, Github actions will be triggered via the repository_dispatch event.