There are two things you need to do to upgrade to the latest version of Actionsflow.

1. Upgrade Actionsflow to the Latest Version

The first thing is to upgrade to the latest version of Actionsflow.

  • For workflow repos that only rely on the official triggers, you don't need do anything. We use the Github action actionsflow/actionsflow@v1 to build your workflows. The version v1 will also point to the latest release version.

  • For workflow repos that rely on 3rd party triggers, you should run the following command at your repo's root folder to upgrade to the latest versions:

    npm update

    Then, commit & push your updates to Github.

2. Upgrade Github Actions workflow file

The second thing is to update the .github/workflows/actionsflow.yml file to the latest version.

You should check the actionsflow-workflow-default release to figure out whether there are any updates.

Normally, we do not change the Github actions workflow file. If there is a change, it must be a break change!